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We wish you a very warm holiday season!

Dear friends of our Advantage Community,
This 2022 has been an intense year in which we have faced great opportunities and challenges worldwide. It has been a very special year in which we have reached our Moonshots for Advantage Consultants, and we are extremely grateful to our partners for trusting us: 


✅ We have created the company Advantage HR Consultants in Dubai giving coverage in Middle East to Spanish and German companies to find their talent and Executive & Cultural Coaching.

✅ We have won an award as the best company for the use of time and well-being of its employees 2022 by the Barcelona City Council.

✅ We have consolidated the International HR Talks, monthly virtual events in video and podcast format where we have the presence of International Keynote Speakers on trends and future of work.

✅ Our Female HR Forum in Spain has been consolidated in content and solidarity, we are unique in the market.

✅ Our team at Advantage Consultores has grown with the demands of global projects, with an exquisite, individualized dedication to our clients. They are the pillar of our progress, and I am deeply grateful to them.We look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary of Advantage Consultores with you in May!

We wish you a very warm holiday season with your loved ones, Sylvia Taudien and Advantage Team.