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Teamwork and fun.

Working in a great team can make a huge difference when it comes to job satisfaction and organisational success. But even with the best intentions, it is not enough to simply get a group of people together and expect great teamwork to happen on its own – team building activities might prove to be the missing link that will take your group or organisation to the next level!


Building a highly effective team requires effort, consideration and the implementation of a thoughtful group process. Remember that teams are made up of relationships between people and all relationships need care and attention – team building activities are a great place to start!


Advantage’s team of coaches have designed proven team building activities, games and exercises that cover everything from communication and collaboration to alignment and vision.


Whether you are working in a small team or as part of a large organisation, taking the time to develop your team and enable everyone in your group to do their best work is time well spent.


Team building is valuable for organisations of any size, especially as they grow and change. The bonds, connections and trust you build as a team are a big part of what keeps everyone engaged and happy at work.


Team building helps you surface and face challenges, talk openly and honestly, and create change that everyone in a team can be proud of.

What is team building

Team building is an activity or process designed to help build connections between team members, create lasting bonds and enable better teamwork and working practices. It includes running team games and activities, holding group discussions, organising away days or simply doing things together as a team. The main aim is to improve communication, collaboration, alignment, team values, motivation and anything else that can enable a group to work together more effectively. It can also include resolving conflicts, sharing skills or simply bringing your group together in a shared experience.

Our trainings are specifically designed to help you bring your team closer together or find ways to first define and then move towards your shared goals as a group. As Forbes points out, team building is "the most important investment you can make in your people".

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Team building

Discover the Benefits

Better communication, better relationships, team bonding, more effective work practices and workplace happiness.

In addition to the immediate benefits in aligning a team, they can also help ensure the strength and longevity of any group.

Activities - Workshops

Team building activities are games and exercises that help a group collaborate on a shared goal, discuss important issues in a constructive way, share a fun experience or find better ways of working together.

The common denominator is that any good team building activity brings a group together, creates deeper connections and enables more effective teamwork.


Team Canvas Session

Team Canvas is Business Model Canvas for teamwork. It is an effective technique to facilitate team alignment.

Team Purpose and Team Culture

This is an essential process designed to help teams define their purpose (why they exist) and their culture (how they work together to achieve that purpose). Defining these two things will help any team become more focused and aligned. Supported by tangible examples from other companies, team members work as individuals and as a group to codify how they work together. The goal is a visual manifestation of both purpose and culture that can be put into the team's workspace.

9 Dimensions

9 Dimensions is a powerful activity designed to build relationships and trust between team members. There are 2 variations of this icebreaker. The first version is for teams who want to get to know each other better. The second version is for teams who want to explore how they work together as a team.

Team Self-Assessment

This is a structured process designed for teams to explore how they work together. The fine-tuned structure helps team members to be open and honest in their assessment. After reflecting as individuals, the team builds a collective map that can serve as a basis for further discussion and action. The assessment is based on 6 dimensions. Each one encouraging the team to reflect and analyse a different and crucial element of their behaviour.

Circles Of Influence

A workshop to review team priorities and make decisions on what to focus on individually and collectively. The workshop challenges members to reflect on where they can have the greatest impact and influence. Use this workshop to refine priorities and empower ownership among team members.


Boutique Workshops

We co-design with you a tailor-made workshop that best suits the needs of your organisation.

The common denominator is that any good team building activity brings a group together, creates deeper connections and enables more effective teamwork.

Team building activities

Teamwork does not always come naturally, and effective team collaboration needs attention, reflection and work to make it happen. It is not enough to assume that your group will be able to work together efficiently: all teams can benefit from a strategic and thoughtful approach to team development and cohesion.