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Yolanda Quiñoy

International HR Consultant

Yolanda made her way to Barcelona in 2021. But she has actually been rooted in Spain her whole life.
Her family is from Galicia and emigrated to Germany, where she grew up bilingual. She knew early on that she wanted to work internationally, using not only her native languages but also her intercultural background. Therefore, she decided to study German and Hispanic Philology at the University of Münster, without missing the opportunity to travel and gain professional experience abroad.
As a Junior HR Consultant, Yolanda relies on her open nature and intercultural skills to find the best candidates in the Headhunting team and across the Spanish and German markets.

Fun Fact

Yolanda loves to imitate personalities and accents. However, when she speaks in Spanish, it is impossible not to recognize her Galician accent.