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Do you want to feel inspired by the most disruptive leaders? Take a look at the first episode of our brand-new channel on spotify! Sophie Theen is talking about  Remote Working. There are critical skills that are needed to navigate this type of working behaviour and set-up, So how can you be the best version of the leader to make […]

International HR Talks – Gary Cormier

Let us inspire you! Listen and watch the last #HR talk with Gary Cormier from Harvard University and our CEO, Sylvia Taudien about “Dynamic Work Strategies”!

International HR Talks – Emma Giner

We had the pleasure to listen Emma Giner, in an amazing and inspirational speech at the last International HR Talks talking about Diversity as a Digital Mindset booster. It’s a pleasure to share the video with all of you. Enjoy it!

International HR Talks – Fred Then

It’s a pleasure to share with you the Video of the magnificent speech from FRED THEN at our last International HR Talks edition. He talked about his experience leading teams in Asia! Enjoy the insights in this inspirational video and share it to your community!

International HR Talks | Metaverse An Adventure for HR

international hr talks metaverse

Learn how Metaverse is involved with HR! This Thursday we invite you to the next OPEN International HR Talks about METAVERSE with Gustavo Medina, CEO of The Singular Factory. Gustavo is working on the mega project building the city of the future in Saudi Arabia using VR/AR technologies virtualizing workspaces in the Metaverse.