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Advantage Consultores, a company specialized in finding talent, is growing in Dubai after years of connecting Germany, Spain, and the world.

It’s a pleasure to share with you the article posted in La Vanguardia about our new offices in Dubai:

“After working for companies such as Bayer and Henkel in Barcelona for several decades, Sylvia Taudien, a German, lost her job in 2003. With her background in marketing and human resources, she reinvented herself in the field of executive search and outplacement for third parties. On her own, she used her network of contacts as a base. And it worked: it was the nucleus of Advantage Consultants, a company that today has a turnover of more than one million euros, employs 18 people and has just set up shop in Dubai.

We are the only ones who focus on this topic

They focus on German companies looking for talent in Spain and Spanish companies looking for German talent. Clients include Lidl, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Deichmann, Inditex, Cellnex, Deoleo…

“We work with companies from all sectors that want to set up in Spain from scratch or grow from here in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. They ask for general managers, managers, and digital profiles, They have worked with around 200 local companies that are also looking for managers in the US, Singapore, India, or Saudi Arabia when they expand.

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The model is based on scouring the market and balancing the search, paying a commission of <20% or 25% on the salary package.

Advantage Consultores has just entered Dubai, a market where it sees a lot of potential and economic strength.

With offices in Barcelona, where it was founded, Madrid, Nuremberg and Lisbon, it expects a turnover of more than one million euros and a growth of 25% this year. The most important thing is that we have strong profitability. Last year it was 15 %, now it will be 30%. Three quarters of the revenue come from talent search, something that lasted even during a pandemic. The rest comes from outplacement programmes for applicants, redundancy, and coaching for managers and executives. Now it is entering a new phase. After an investment of half a million euros, it has just opened an office in Dubai.

There is a lot of potential, a strong ecosystem for start-ups and a dynamic environment in finance, retail and real estate.

It was the right decision because there will be a crisis in Europe that will have no impact there. The growth of the market is due to the internal attraction of South East Asia, North Africa, Russia, etc… Again, the idea is to support Spanish and German companies that want to bring talent there.

The aim is to achieve an annual turnover of 100,000 euros within three years. The company has already grown up and undergone profound changes. More and more female managers are being sought, who bring a different, more empathetic view and care more about the employee. However, worldwide, there is now a shortage of talent because many workers are voluntarily chasing the pandemic. The great resignation is visible: people are open to offers and the work environment is increasingly valued. Here they are a case themselves. Advantage has a 4-day working day, no pay cut and the staff is 100% female. —