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International Women’s Day.  Sylvia Taudien – CEO at Advantage Consultores

“As a female International Leader who is leading her company for 20 years, I strongly believe in empowering women and making them think big. This is my MOONSHOT mindset”. 🚀To all women and men, a happy Women’s Day today and every day.International Women’s Day.  Sylvia Taudien – CEO at Advantage Consultores

What special days at the UAE

Thanks for the warm welcome at the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) and the unforgettable celebration of the Spanish National Day by the Spanish Business Council in the UAE 🙏

So Proud!!

Our CEO, Sylvia Taudien, is resident in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the most exponential and innovative region. As she says “I am proud to be resident in Germany, Spain, and UAE bringing with our brilliant team the best talent to these regions”. Congrats

New Post on LinkedIN

Sylvia Taudien’s new post on LinkedIn!: “Advantage Consultores, a company specialized in finding talent, is growing in Dubai after years of connecting Germany, Spain, and the world”. https://www.linkedin.com/…/advantage-consultores…

Article at La Vanguarida – Sylvia Taudien

GREAT ARTICLE at @LaVanguardia. Our CEO, Sylvia Taudien explains: “More and more women managers are being sought after, “who bring a different vision, more empathetic and caring for the employee”. On a global level, however, today “there is a lack of talent, because many workers are leaving voluntarily after the pandemic”. The great resignation is […]

Wellcome to Advantage HR Consultants – Dubai

It’s a real pleasure to announce that we are starting our Dubai Business Welcome to Advantage HR Consultants, our new Trade Name in the UAE. Our CEO, Sylvia Taudien’s vision, is to introduce here moonshot thinking in HR and find and engage the best global talents with our outstanding team!!

Sylvia Taudien – Employer Centricity

Our CEO, Sylvia Taudien talks about #EmployerCentricity at Capital Humano Wolters Kluwer. “Why do people leave their jobs? When the Employee decides”: https://bit.ly/3mcsl6U

Advantage Consultores opens New office in Dubai

Latest News!! We are so Happy to announce that Advantage Consultores opens New office in Dubai Media City, UAE! We explain you details in this video! https://www.facebook.com/advantageconsultores/videos/2026924807480943